How to Set up Remote Desktop Connection

How To Use Your Computer Remotely With Remote Desktop Connection for Windows 10

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I often get asked “Can I use my eBay account from another IP address?”, “Can I access my eBay account through my phone?”.

Today I will show you how to do it. How to use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 10.

I will show you how only you can access it. You can also use your computer from multiple places at the same time while someone else is using it (in case you have staff).

I will note this tip in the course “From Zero to Success” and show it to the closed Facebook group.


The first step is to right-click over This PC and choose Properties

Then select Remote Settings on the left


You will get a window pop up where you need to select Allow remote connections to this computer

After that, click Select User -> Add -> Advanced -> Find Now and select the users to which you want to grant access to and click OK.

Now your computer accepts Remote Desktop Connection.

How do you access the Remote computer (remote desktop)?

Type remote desktop in the Windows search bar and click on it. You will see this window when you do.

You need to type the IP of the computer that you want access to. You can check your IP address by going to Google and typing “my ip”.

Copy and paste it at Remote Desktop Connection window. Then you have to fill in the User name and Password and click OK.

And now you can access the specific IP with the specific User name and Password which you have set with User settings in the Control Panel.


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The 3 Main Ways To Earn Money From Amazon

In this article, I am going to go over the three main ways to earn money from Amazon. Namely:

  • Private Label
  • Wholesale
  • Dropshipping

Each of those ways has a different definition for each industry.

Private Label

What is the Private Label method? Essentially selling products with a Private Label includes finding products which sell well in Amazon, making their own package and logo and have better deals than what they compete against.

Step 1: Research and selection of a product:

This might be the most important and time-consuming step in the process. That is because the website publishes detailed lists for their top-selling products. Despite the lists being made for the purpose of giving the users an opportunity to view what is popular, you can use it to your own benefit as well.

The ranking of the bestsellers is essentially used to search for the product before posting it on the market. Instead of developing a product and testing it to make sure it sells well, you can start by making sure it does sell well and then decide if you want to post it for sale. Pick popular products that are used by everyone, like water bottles, silicon spatula or a flashlight – types of products that can be manufactured with your own brand and packaging. In other words – you don’t want to pick products with a famous brand (Nike shoes, iPhone products) because those are branded products that can not be labeled as private.

Step 2: Find and contact a supplier:

Research a few different suppliers. Depending on how thorough their lists are, you can usually see the minimal required quantity per order (MOQ), price range, time for completion and if they allow Private Label. Nevertheless, you need to e-mail the supplier to receive an exact offer. There is a place to discuss the prices. Just be confident!

Step 3: Your logo, design, and packaging

After you find a supplier that wishes to provide you with a Private Label of the product, you need to choose your marketing materials. Don’t worry though – you don’t need to create them yourselves. Use a website like Fiverr or Upwork to hire professional designers for a decent price.

Step 4: Use Fulfillment by Amazon

Thanks to the program Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you don’t have to manage the monotony of the orders for pick-up, packaging and shipment. Although FBA takes a small percentage of your profits, it is worth it for most sellers. Your shipment expenses are included in the fees and your products automatically become eligible for free shipment, which can help you realize more sales.

Step 5: Making your first sale

By lowering the price you attract people to make use of your product. You can also use the indoor advertising system by Amazon.


Wholesale from distributors and manufacturers. With this model, the purchase and sale have a 40%-50% difference which makes it quite profitable. Best Buy and Walmart use that method. In Bulgaria it is emag.

The wholesale suppliers purchase goods from a distributor and pass them over to a retailer so that they can be sold to the user. The wholesale suppliers research and receive the most cost effective products by selecting from a majority of manufacturers and distributors. Then the wholesalers deliver those products to the retailers for purchase.


This model became extremely popular lately. To sell without owning the product. This, I think, is the most universal way to start.


  • You don’t need a large capital – probably the biggest advantage of dropshipping is that it is possible to start an online shop without having to invest thousands of dollars in the inventory. Traditionally, the retailers have to consume themselves with large quantities of inventory for purchase.
  • It is easy to start – dropshipping is a lot easier when you don’t have to handle physical products. With dropshipping you don’t have to worry about :

– Storage management and payment;

-Packaging and shipment of your orders;

-Processing returns and incoming packages;

  • Flexible location – the dropshipping business can be started from anywhere with an internet connection. You can easily communicate with suppliers and clients while managing your business.
  • A wide selection of products – since you don’t have to purchase the products that you want to sell, you can offer a set of products for your potential clients.

All of these advantages make dropshipping very attractive as a model for beginners and advanced traders.

There will be a detailed article on each of these three methods SOON!

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3 Things You Need To Know As a Dropshipper In eBay And Amazon

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In this article I will go over 3 things that every Dropshipper in Amazon or eBay should know. Namely:

  1. How to check if the IP address you use is static or dynamic.
  2. How to set your computer to remote access.
  3. How to restart your computer, in case it freezes while you’re not around it.

How to find out if your IP address is static or dynamic?

Go to and type in my IP. You should be able to see it in the upper left corner. In case it doesn’t – you can visit the websites that are shown.

Check you IP address

The second thing you need to do is is restart the router and computer and check if the IP remains the same. The next day, do the same and if the IP is the same, it means that the IP is static and you can use the method that I’m going to show you for remote desktop access for your PC.

If your IP is dynamic it means that you risk losing your eBay account since your supplier may give your IP to someone who is already blocked by eBay.

My advice is to check your IP before you start selling!

If you want to obtain a static IP address, you can go to your internet provider have them set it up (you have to pay additionally).

How to activate Remote Desktop for your computer?

I am using Remote Desktop because it allows multiple people using the same computer at the same time. This is not available for Teamviewer, ammyy admin or similar software.

In the eBay Dropshipping course “From 0 to Success in Dropshipping” I have shown how to set your computer so that it can be used by several people.

from zero to success in dropshipping


In this article, I will show you how how to set your PC so that only you can use it.

Right-click on This PC and choose Properties

This PC - properties


Then select Remote Settings and you will be able to see a window to which there’s a tab at the far right and select the tick Allow remote connection to this computer

Choose Select Users –> Add –> Advanced –> Find Now –> select the user you want to add and click OK.

If you want to create a completely new user you can do so from Control Panel –> User Account –> Change account type –>Add a new user in PC settings

Add new user

To add the new User to Remote Desktop again right-click on This PC and select Properties.

Then choose Remote Settings and you will see a window where you will find a tab in the far right and choose the tick box Allow remote connection to this computer.

After that, choose Select Users –> Add–> Advanced –> Find Now—> select the user you want to add and click  OK. And now that user can access the computer remotely.

To access the computer remotely: type Remote Desktop in the Windows search bar and fill out the IP address and the user name in the Computer field.

Remote Desktop Connection window


After that, the system will request a password (the one you have set for the user) and then you will have access to the remote desktop!

How to restart your PC remotely?

Purchase a WI-FI SMART SOCKET by Sonoff. Plug it in a power socket, set it to connect through Wireless and then set the device to connect to the phone. That way, wherever you are you can turn your device on or off.

You can read the article “Setup and configure Windows Remote Desktop Connection” here:

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Make money from home

How To Earn Money From Home With Dropshipping

In this article, I will clarify the three main ways to Earn Money from home!

Nowadays millions of people use the internet daily. In that aspect, earning money from home through the internet seems easy and interesting. So if you want to find out how to sell online, you came to the right place.

The first way to make money from home is by selling physical products online.


The days where you needed to hire storage and staff to build a business have passed. There are many different ways to sell online but my advice is to use online shops. It is cheaper than you think. You can buy online platforms where you can sell your goods at very affordable prices. One of the most popular Dropshipping platforms is Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.  Of course, there are many other platforms out there to try out and see if they are to your liking.


Choose how you want to sell online. You can sell in your own online shop, made by one of the platforms mentioned above.


The other option for selling your goods are the platforms Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.


Selling physical products on your own website:

Selling goods in your own online shop is the best way to sell online because there you have full control. You decide how your store looks like and how your products are presented. You will not be vulnerable to outside factors such as algorithm updates and you won’t have to compete in the crowded market.

For example, over 600 000 people sell through the platform Shopify. One thing you should have in mind is that those platforms are intended to help you sell. The templates (preemptively edited themes you use to view your shop with colors and content) are made to view the sales. The big drawback here is the insufficient traffic to your store at the beginning.

Sales of physical products on platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc.

Selling products at markets such as eBayEtsy and Amazon are especially popular. It is known that only Amazon has over 2 million sellers!

The fence for the seller’s market is very low. Simply put, all you have to do is:

  • Create an account;
  • Post a product for sale with a description, price, and photos of it;
  • Accept the payment from the client.

Market sites like eBay and Amazon allow you to reach a higher amount of potential clients and give you the opportunity to start selling very quickly due to the ready traffic which these platforms secure.

Where do you find products to sell?

The three most popular sales offer methods are:

  • Buying wholesale from a supplier or a manufacturer – you buy the products that you want from a supplier or manufacturer and brand them. The expenses include buying the product (usually in bulk, especially if it is from a manufacturer), storing them in a warehouse (storage), maintenance and delivery.


  • Products crafted by yourselves – if you are someone who makes their own products, this route would satisfy you. It is often used by people who sell jewelry, arts, and crafts. The main expenses are materials and the time invested in creating the product.  This gives you the freedom to control the stock and pricing but can be difficult to pull off without hiring staff.


  • Selling products using the Dropshipping method – the way of selling items online that grows in popularity by the day. It allows sellers to fulfill orders from clients without having to store or handle the product themselves. Here’s how it works: you post products; the client orders from you and pays; the order gets transferred to the supplier, who then delivers the product to the client.


The second method for earning money from home is by selling digital products online.

Selling digital products online


Digital products cannot be held, touched or tasted but are consumed by everyone – like music, videos, e-books, online courses, etc.

Due to their popularity and easy distribution, many entrepreneurs build entire businesses around these immaterial goods or start digital product lines to complement the physical products or services they offer.

The thing which makes them particularly attractive is that the digital products can be created once and can be sold multiple times to different clients, without having to fill their inventory which makes them perfect for advertisers, artists, educators, and freelancers who are looking for new sources of income requiring less effort.

Digital products that you can sell online:

  • Selling educational products such as books or courses;
  • Selling access to exclusive digital products;
  • Selling music, art, videos or pictures as digital products
  • Selling software;


The third method for earning money from home is by selling services online.

selling services online

Selling services online is quite similar to selling a product online. You can have an online shop for your services, or your website could serve as a virtual business card which shows the services you offer. No matter how you choose to design your website you can’t expect people to go and find out what you are offering. You have to pick the best marketing approach that will help you distribute the information for your services and find the potential clients. Only then can you sell your online services and generate income and return of your investments. You can offer your services in your own website or in platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc.

Here are a few examples of services which you can sell online:

  • Web design;
  • Graphic design;
  • Writing articles;
  • Editing articles;
  • Creation of online shop;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Virtual assistant and many more.


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