Your Own Business Self-Analysis

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In this article, I will try to answer the questions “Why is business analysis so important?”, “Which analysis should we use?” and “How do we analyze?”.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re still looking for your line of work or if you are adept in a business area, there are a few things you should do periodically to “get on track”. I am referring to Self-Analysis and planning.

The Self-Analysis process includes reviewing and analysis of your own interests, needs, and aims, skills, and qualities, values, your failures and successes so far, attitude models, etc. The process includes “piecing together” and analyzing the result.

Defining your own positive and negative features is particularly difficult. I will attach a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)  Analysis blank in this article, and that way each and every one of you can self-analyze. I advise you to do it here and now and try again in a week. You will be surprised how after one week the result will be completely different. You will find a lot more weaknesses in your self than you will today since during that week your consciousness will single out every single thing that happens to you based on the SWOT Analysis’ questions.

This analysis is pretty easy and quite useful for everyone.

I, personally, found strong sides of my character from it, which I never suspected. For example, I never realized, that working on three monitors at the same time is an advantage. But you can get a lot more work done.

I strongly advise you to do the Self-Analysis. Finding out your strong suits as well as the qualities or flaws you possess is a lot more important than finding out what your competitor’s strategy is.

You can find the SWOT Analysis blank here:


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3 Things You Need To Know As a Dropshipper In eBay And Amazon

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In this article I will go over 3 things that every Dropshipper in Amazon or eBay should know. Namely:

  1. How to check if the IP address you use is static or dynamic.
  2. How to set your computer to remote access.
  3. How to restart your computer, in case it freezes while you’re not around it.

How to find out if your IP address is static or dynamic?

Go to and type in my IP. You should be able to see it in the upper left corner. In case it doesn’t – you can visit the websites that are shown.

Check you IP address

The second thing you need to do is is restart the router and computer and check if the IP remains the same. The next day, do the same and if the IP is the same, it means that the IP is static and you can use the method that I’m going to show you for remote desktop access for your PC.

If your IP is dynamic it means that you risk losing your eBay account since your supplier may give your IP to someone who is already blocked by eBay.

My advice is to check your IP before you start selling!

If you want to obtain a static IP address, you can go to your internet provider have them set it up (you have to pay additionally).

How to activate Remote Desktop for your computer?

I am using Remote Desktop because it allows multiple people using the same computer at the same time. This is not available for Teamviewer, ammyy admin or similar software.

In the eBay Dropshipping course “From 0 to Success in Dropshipping” I have shown how to set your computer so that it can be used by several people.

from zero to success in dropshipping


In this article, I will show you how how to set your PC so that only you can use it.

Right-click on This PC and choose Properties

This PC - properties


Then select Remote Settings and you will be able to see a window to which there’s a tab at the far right and select the tick Allow remote connection to this computer

Choose Select Users –> Add –> Advanced –> Find Now –> select the user you want to add and click OK.

If you want to create a completely new user you can do so from Control Panel –> User Account –> Change account type –>Add a new user in PC settings

Add new user

To add the new User to Remote Desktop again right-click on This PC and select Properties.

Then choose Remote Settings and you will see a window where you will find a tab in the far right and choose the tick box Allow remote connection to this computer.

After that, choose Select Users –> Add–> Advanced –> Find Now—> select the user you want to add and click  OK. And now that user can access the computer remotely.

To access the computer remotely: type Remote Desktop in the Windows search bar and fill out the IP address and the user name in the Computer field.

Remote Desktop Connection window


After that, the system will request a password (the one you have set for the user) and then you will have access to the remote desktop!

How to restart your PC remotely?

Purchase a WI-FI SMART SOCKET by Sonoff. Plug it in a power socket, set it to connect through Wireless and then set the device to connect to the phone. That way, wherever you are you can turn your device on or off.

You can read the article “Setup and configure Windows Remote Desktop Connection” here:

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profits in ebay

How To Easily Calculate The Profits From Your Sales in eBay

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In this article, I will show you how to calculate your exact profits from eBay! It is necessary for your business as well as for accounting purposes.

To do so, I am using two completely free tools. The first one is The only condition here is that you need to have your eBay account linked to it beforehand. You can do that by clicking Connect to and choose the market you’re selling at ( or

eBay profile connect


The next step is selecting TOOLS and clicking the Sales Report. Select how the number of days you want the sales report from and click Generate Report 

Sales Report

After that, open an Excel table where the date of the order is in the first column, the number of the product in eBay in the second one, the phone number of the client in the third one, the e-mail of the client in the fourth, the name of the client in the fifth, the order number in eBay in the sixth, the price of the product in eBay in the seventh and the PayPal tax in the last one. The Supplier column is the only column that has to be filled out manually. You have to fill out the total price of the bought product from the supplier (plus delivery if applicable). In the column Clear Revenue you have to set the formula: =H2-I2-J2-K2  which means: the price of the product in eBay minus the tax in eBay minus the PayPal tax minus the price of the bought product from the supplier. In the column Total, in the first row set the formula: M2+L3 which calculates your profit from the first row in the column Total plus the profit from the second row of the column Clear Revenue and that way, when you drag the second row with your mouse downwards the column will calculate the profit for all of your orders.

We go back to where the Sales Report is already generated. On the right, you will see an icon with an arrow. Click it and choose to download the report in MS-Excel format.

MS Excel format

Then go back to the Excel table. Choose File –> Open –> Upload and select the downloaded report. When it loads, select the orders you want to copy and paste it into your table. Paste it into the table by clicking the first-row first column. The columns Clean Revenue and Total calculate automatically since the formulas there are already set. What is left is to set a formula for the column PayPal PT (PayPal’s taxes). The PayPal tax differs depending on the store. A new store’s tax is 4.4% from the price of the product in eBay + $0.30. The formula there is: (H2*0.044)+0.3


Meaning of each column:

A – Date of the order

B – Product number in eBay

C – Phone number of the client

D – eBay account name

E – e-mail

F – First and last name

G – Order number from eBay

H – Total price paid by the client

I – Tax in eBay

J – PayPal tax

K – Total price for the Supplier

L – Profit from the specific product

M – Total profit for the Month


You can download the table for accounting in eBay and calculating your profits at the link below:


➡  Online Table


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